An Easy Tip On How To Save Your Leftover Wine


Have you ever opened a bottle of wine and even though you loved it, you just were not up for drinking the entire bottle? Now that we are buying very good organic and biodynamic wines, I hate wasting a drop. The fancy air-vacuum pumps do not work as well as I would like and just putting the  cork back in it is worse because you trap all the air in the bottle. It tastes like vinegar very quickly.

Well, now you can try this trick with your canning jars. Wash your half pint (8 ounce) Mason jars and sealing lids, pour the wine to the very top, carefully place the lid on, and tighten the lid to seal it. This way you have hardly any air left in the the jar to change the flavor. It works very well and the wine stays fresh for several days. Thank you Food 52 for sharing this idea!

The wine above is one of the bottles I bought at the wine tasting at Perrine’s Wine Shop this week with Peter Weygandt.  I had the pleasure of meeting him and tasting his favorite wines. The 2010 Cotes du Rhone Villages, Domaine Les Aphillantes is one of our favorites.

The acidity makes it a perfect pairing for salmon and meat. We had a glass with grass fed filet cooked on a cedar plank Saturday night and another glass tonight with our Filet and Feta Salad. It was absolutely delicious!

I hope this easy trick allows you to enjoy your favorite wines when you feel like having a glass!

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