Our FamilyI have always had an fascination with food and how it affects your body. I love researching natural remedies, how foods can heal, and the chemistry of cooking. I truly believe we are what we eat.

My father loved food and decided to compose a cookbook when he was unable to work. By blinking at a communication board, the Ultimate Cookbook was created along with lots of hard work by my mother, family members, and my father’s caregivers. This website provides his recipes to the many people who have requested them over the years as well as documents our journey making and re-creating his recipes to fit our lifestyle. We have also included some of our own favorites and new ones as they peak our interest.

As you will see, my husband and I are not professionally trained cooks and gravitate toward simple and easy recipes our kids can make with us. We want to teach our children how to eat a balanced diet. Making the right choices is very difficult these days with all the processed foods, so starting them off on the right path early is very important to us.

We are also learning how to cook without eggs due to our sons allergy while at the same time attempting to limit gluten and sugars to control  inflammation in my back. We have succeeded in making some substitutions and failed with others. We have included some of the failures in hope that you can learn from them or even make suggestions on how to make it a success next time.

When my father composed his cookbook, organic food was not a popular option. People did not discuss food and its inflammatory properties. There were not debates on acidic versus alkaline foods. People did not have as many allergies then. Food has changed and not for the better.

Like so much in life, this too is a balancing act.  There is nothing wrong with enjoying a nice meal at a restaurant, but we do make every attempt to control what we eat in our own home. Until we have a better understanding on why allergies have increased, cancer and other diseases are being diagnosed more frequently in young children and adults, and how heavy metals like mercury and aluminum affect our bodies, I think it is best to go Back to Organic.