Fresh Oregano


Worried about all these viruses and bugs going around? An easy way to help yourself stay healthy is to add fresh oregano to your food. Oregano has potent antioxidants, antibacterial properties and is packed with vitamin K, fiber, manganese, iron, calcium, vitamin E, and tryptophan.

Oregano is a natural antibacterial and may help your body fight off intestinal bugs and common infections. Oregano contains the essential oils thymol and carvacrol which inhibit bacterial growth. Oregano may help with staph infections and Giardia, an intestinal infection found in stagnant water. In fact, some research has shown Oregano is more effective at curing Giardia than the most commonly prescribed drug.

Fresh Oregano has more essential oils than dried. Use three times more fresh oregano than dried for recipes. Also, add oregano at the end of cooking to ensure the flavor is preserved. It will turn brown if you cook the herb for longer than 20 minutes.

Back to Organic Oregano and Sage French Grey and Cumin Lime French Grey have plenty of fresh oregano preserved in the delicate french grey salt crystals. Sprinkle a little Oregano salt on your grilled cheese, tomato soup, pasta sauce, salad, and hearty stews. Bake a chicken breast with olive oil, the zest and juice from an organic lemon, and a couple pinches of Oregano and Sage French Grey salt. For a spicer chicken, use Cumin Lime.
Please keep in mind there have not been extensive trials to determine if Oregano can be used as a health supplement or substitute for prescribed drugs. For these reasons, only use the amount of Oregano you would usually to enjoy on your food. As with everything, use in moderation.


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