Prepping your Organic Garden this Planting Season


Before you plant this year, spend time prepping the soil, planning your layout, and selecting companion plants to naturally decrease pests and improve the flavor of your vegetables. To make it easier to care for your garden, design a plan where you have 3 foot wide planting beds and a cedar mulch path on each side for access to the fruit and vegetables. The mulch should be 18 inches wide.

I recommend adding at least a 2 inch layer of fresh compost and planting mix to your existing garden before you plant. Thoroughly mix the new soil into the ground and let it sit for a week before you plant. If you have a lot of weeds, cover the dirt with newspaper and wet it. Then add the 2 inches of soil.

If you are starting a new garden, bring in 12 inches of compost and planting mix to mound or build a CEDAR box to fill with new dirt and compost. I know this is a lot of work and money but you will be so happy you did. Everyone will think you have a green thumb with all your tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, berries, etc. It made a huge difference for us.

Last year I planted 4 different tomato plants and had so many juicy tomatoes that I could not use them all. I bought cases of Mason jars to prepare for this season. You will get your money back with all the fresh vegetables and canned foods. I love knowing where the foods have been and how they have been treated. Organically grown fruits and vegetables freshly picked are delicious and so much more nutritious than produce that has been laying on a truck for weeks losing key nutrients.

This looks like a ton of work but  you can easily do this in two days and have a fabulous garden this summer. Four full days if you are installing a fence. Hiring someone to help and even harvest the vegetables is a great idea if you are limited on time.

Happy Planting!

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