Magical Cupcakes for Halloween or Themed Birthday Parties


These simple but adorable cupcakes are perfect for your child’s Halloween party or themed birthday extravaganza. For all the How to Train Your Dragon movie fans, here is a fun Toothless cupcake. Kids reading The Magic Treehouse series will love the Merlin’s Wizard hats, the unicorns flying under a rainbow, the Knights in Shining Armor and the Sword and the Stone cupcakes. You may be able to stretch it for the Percy’s Jackson series if you find Greek God figurines; I would love to find  Artemis with a bow and arrow hunting.

If you want to have an activity for the kids during the party, you can lay out bowls of candy for them to create their own Sesame Street or Monster’s Inc character.  Print some pictures of characters and place them on the table in case they need some inspiration.  When we were decorating 500 cupcakes for the school fair, one of the mom’s created the one below.  It is precious and was one of the first cupcakes to go along with the Merlin hats and Unicorns.


To create these fun cupcakes designs, you need the following ingredients plus the cupcakes and plenty of icing.

Merlin’s Wizard Hat



  • Sugar cones for ice cream
  • Blue icing
  • Sprinkles
  • Icing for the top of the cupcake
  • Surprise to stick under each hat, optional


1) Ice the cupcake. Ice the ice cream cone. Add sprinkles. Place a surprise in the cone and stick the cone on the cupcake.

Sword and the Stone Cupcakes



  • Green icing
  • chocolate cupcakes crumbled and pressed into a ball
  • Plastic drink swords


1) Ice the cupcake with a pastry bag or handheld icing package. Moving around the cupcake, squeeze about a half inch of icing in sections to create grass. Smash a cupcake and roll the crumbs into a ball and place on the grass. Stick the sword in the stone.


Knights in Shining Armor Cupcakes



  • Green icing
  • Plastic figurines of knights


1)Use a pastry bag or fill a plastic bag with icing and cut the corner to squeeze patches of grass like icing on the cupcakes. Place a knight on top.


Wise Owl Cupcakes



  • Brown icing
  • Oreos
  • Junior Mints
  • Candy Corn or Reese’s Pieces


1) Ice the cupcake. Use a fork to create the feather look. Separate the oreo making sure icing is on both halves and place the oreo icing side up on the cupcake. Add a junior mint for the eyes. Add a Reese’s Pieces or a candy corn in between the eyes for the beak.

Magical Unicorn Cupcakes



  • Sky blue icing and white icing
  • Airhead strips for the rainbow
  • Unicorn figurines


1) Ice the cupcake in blue. Add white clouds on both sides. Cut an airhead about 5 to 6 inches in length and place both ends in the clouds to create a rainbow. Add the unicorn under the rainbow.

Toothless, How to Train Your Dragon Cupcakes



  • Black icing
  • Black licorice cut
  • one color candy corn
  • black icing for the eyes


1) Ice the cupcake in black. Cut the licorice  into 1 inch pieces and then cut lengthwise on the diagonal for the ears. Place two candy corns under the ears for the eyes. Add a small black dot on the candy corn to complete the eyes.

Create your Own Sesame Street Character Cupcakes



  • Pink icing or whatever you prefer
  • White icing for the hair
  • Runt candy
  • Candy eyes


1) Ice the cupcake in pink. Use banana runts for the mouth and horns. Squirt a little white icing between the horns and use a fork to create the hair. Add two candy eyes. Add a candy for the nose.

Here are some other ones to inspire you.  You can also find more ideas on the Fall Halloween Cupcake post from last year. Enjoy creating your own.



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