Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (these make great teacher gifts too!)


Mother’s Day is this Sunday and I am sure you are trying to come up with a creative way to say how much you love your mother or wife. I know most women want a stress free day surrounded by their family. A day where she does not have to cook, clean or do any laundry!

On the radio, a mother said would love to unwrap a “gift certificate” for a night at a hotel where she could enjoy some peace and quiet. Most people are not in a position to do that but you can easily give her an hour of quiet time on Sunday. Let her sleep in, bring her breakfast in bed, and then give her an hour in the afternoon to read a book or magazine while you and the kids cook dinner.

All moms and grandmothers want a homemade card and gift from the kids. I absolutely love these adorable canvases that were painted a solid color and then personalized with a hand or foot print in the middle. Simple and classic. I would hang these in my office or kitchen as well as the kids’ rooms.

Choose a color that coordinates with your wife’s office or kitchen and write the name of the child and date it. Here is how to make them. Make sure you use non toxic and no VOC paint.


If your wife is expecting your first child, these would be amazing gift for the mom-to-be. Paint 4 or 6 small canvases in the color scheme of the nursery and wrap them with a note saying these will be personalized and hung when the baby is a couple days old, 3 months, 6 months, and a year. You can even hang them now and add the handprints as the child grows.

Now for the Dad’s gift to their mother or wife. You know jewelry is always a safe bet. Here are some gorgeous sterling silver bracelets from Frances Smith, Designs. They are all made in Atlanta and she cuts and polishes all the stones.

Maybe she has been hinting all month about a certain scarf, pair of shoes, etc. If she is hinting, I highly recommend buying it. One thing she has probably been hinting at for years is hiring a professional photographer to get a good photo of the family.  Alice Park takes the most amazing photos of my children and I treasure them. She captures the personality of each child in her photos.

If your wife or mother has been asking for photos of the kids or family, get a gift certificate for a photo session. Look on NAPCP for names of professional photographers in your area. Then you can give your wife and parents several framed prints, a gorgeous canvas to hang in your home or coffee table book of the kids for birthday presents or save them for the holidays. The holidays will be more enjoyable if you already have everything picked out. And, your wife will not be frantically searching for a photo to print on the holiday card this year.

If you need more ideas, here are some gifts every women and foodie cannot live without once they have tried them. These fresh herb and zest salts turn a simple meal into a gourmet one with one or two pinches. Make sure you give these to her the gift first thing in the morning so you can sprinkle a little Black ItalianTruffle salt on her Sunday morning eggs; she will think you ran out and bought them at a fancy brunch place.  My mouth is watering already!

Use the Margarita Himalayan salt on Salmon, Shrimp, Scallops or a Skirt Steak as well as the rim of your favorite margarita or Bloody Mary. The Rosemary French Grey salt with a hint of lavender completes a simple roasted chicken breast, sliced potatoes, and even a caramel or chocolate truffle. These salts are so versatile and you can change the flavor of your food with a pinch of each different salt.

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Chocolate South makes a fabulous Rosemary bonbon and Margarita bonbon with my herb and zest salts. Who does not love a sweet and salty treat? You should also try her Georgia Peach Tea Bonbon which just won first place at the Taste of Georgia contest. They are for sale at her shop and at Atlanta MADE. 

Lastly, if you live here in Atlanta and love strawberries, HH Desserts is making some of her pastries for Mother’s Day. She is by far one of the best pastry chefs I know. You may have seen her on the Food Network. Below is the Mother’s Day Strawberry Pastries menu.You need to order right now to make sure she has enough for you.Your wife will be so impressed you planned ahead!

Do not forget to buy a nice bottle of wine. If you have a menu planned for the evening, Perrine’s Wine Shop will find your the perfect bottle to pair with your meal. This Chablis is one of my absolute favorites with seafood.

Now that I have told you about all my favorite people and places to shop in Atlanta, I hope you are able to find the perfect gift for your mother or wife.  Have a great weekend with your family!

Pricing for Fresh Herb and Zest Salts 

***Sold online, Perrine’s Wine Shop and Atlanta MADE

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