The Ultimate Cookbook is a collection of recipes from cookbooks, magazines, newspaper arrticles, and family members. Each recipe has been cooked by my mother, caregivers, and/or his children and other family member. Recipes needed a 3 or 4 star rating to make it into the cookbook. It took approximately seven years to compile and compose.

My father, Danny Kaye Corbett fought ALS for almost 14 years without any medical assistance. He could only blink to communicate; therefore, it took extra time to draft the descriptions and to edit the pages. A communication board was created to allow my father to “speak.”

His determination to live as long as he did is a testiment to his strength and the power of  his will. He wanted to make sure his children were “ok” before he could die. And luckily before he passed, he knew his son was about to accomplish his dream and he saw his daughter get married to a man who would love and care for her while he was gone.

He  inspired us to persistently pursue our dreams and expected us to work very hard to achieve our full potential just as he expected it in himself. He emphasized balance and always doing our best.

He made his mark in the workforce before he turned 40 years old. (biography) I can only imagine the things he would have accomlished if he had not gotten sick at 39 years old. My brother is similiar to my father in so many ways. He too made his mark at an early age and accomplished things many will never achieve in a life time. He had to sacrifice so much to follow his dream and I am so very proud of him.

Through all my experiences I have learned you need to set goals but not have a detailed plan. Life throws us many curveballs and you need to adapt to achieve your goals. My father lost his ability to write with his left hand so he taught himself to use his right hand in order to continue working. When collegues noticed his hand writing had changed, he told them he was challenging himself to learn to write with his less dominant hand so people did not notice the weakness in his left arm. He adapted so he could proceed working. Life is all about adapting and re-evaluating.

If you find The Ultimate Cookbook or the Communication Board helpful and enjoy the many recipes, we ask you make a small donation to the ALS Society in the name of Danny Kaye Corbett. Thank you for your support in curing this horrendous disease. We wish you a long life full of health and happiness.